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During and exposure visit to China, our UK group had a faith sharing with a parish group of women  in Tianjin.  In the course of that sharing a woman in her early seventies shared what happened to her during the Cultural revolution.


She was a teacher and according to the prevailing ideology she needed to be ‘re-educated’  in a work setting.  This period was very demanding for  her at many levels.   She suffered many himiliations. But as she said I continued to pray and trust in God.  I was offered freedom if I denied my faith.  I was persecuted and harassed in many ways, but I was able to remain faithful.


When asked  by one of the UK  group, what sustained during those horrible times?  She said without hesitation “ God’s support and the prayers of the universal Church”.


We ask you to continue to pray for the Church of China and for all the people of China.


May 24th is a special day of prayer for Chinese people as they commemorate Our Lady of Sheishan. 


We invite to you pray with them on that day and ask you to invite your parish to be involved.  We have prayer cards which we will be happy to send you.  Go to contacts tab above.


Exposure group 2004, who had faith sharingwith women of Tianjin

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